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My stories are my truths

Grey Spaces is all about weaving and narrating persuasive stories through a melancholic sound of music. The artists work to create such deeply rooted stories in the illusion of their existence, that they believe their own made up world to be elemental in its existence and hold the power to trick people into believing what they see are masters of such rare brains. They believe that every artist possesses this nature to create their own realities and they live in the control of it and abide by it.

In their words - "We, as humans are no good at exercising a control on ourselves, specially our thoughts and perceptions. We give ourselves up to the more evolved part of us, that's living in us, misleading us and pushing us beyond the point sanity can take us". Thus, Grey Spaces is out to look for the truth in their lies, the reality in their stories

Every song of theirs is a story driven by characters of their own making. They come from friends, lovers and enemies whom they intertwine with words and perceptions. They don't believe in the genre game because they create parallel truths to their truest ability. And the truth is none of us feel like we're the same every day. We can barely stay true to ourselves past one good moment. We exploit every insane emotion of ours in the genre that fits it best at the time. 

Grey Spaces has an indearing lust for something different, new, dramatic and beautiful. They love to churn out the truest of emotions based on perceptions. They love the feeling of falling in love over and over again. 

Did you know what Grey Spaces actually stand for? The concrete abstraction of the grey patches that are scientifically found in the brains of pathological liars. 



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